Green New Deal Town Hall

25 May 2019 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Brantford Public Library
173 Colborne Street, Brantford, Ontario

My name is Laura Geiger, and I have lived in Brantford for about 16 years. I am concerned about the government’s lack of action on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, climate change and the growing difference between the rich and the poor. Those are some of the reasons that I am organizing a Green New Deal Town Hall in Brantford.

The Green New Deal is not affiliated with any political party. Rather, it is a growing movement of individuals and groups to lobby government to make real change that will have a positive impact on the concerns I noted above. You may already be familiar with the Canadian movement, but I am just including here some information about the Green New Deal Town Halls:

We invite people of all walks of life to gather in communities all across the country from May 18th to 26th to develop a shared vision of a Green New Deal that slashes emissions, sees the full implementation of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the Right to Free Prior and Informed Consent, and the TRC recommendations, meets the demands of the multiple crises we face, and creates over a million jobs in the process.

The conversation about a Green New Deal for Canada must be led from the ground up. We call on workers, Indigenous communities, students, trade unions, migrants, community organizations and people across the country to gather, define and design a plan for a safe future and more prosperous present. We need to include people from every community, every movement, and every region of Canada in shaping this vision. That’s why we’re doing town-halls across the country. That’s why you’ll be playing a vital role in making a Green New Deal for Canada possible.

We will discuss how a Green New Deal can help our families, communities, and regions thrive. We will invite our MPs and local candidates for October’s federal election to attend, and listen to the concerns and vision of transition for the communities they represent.

Once we hear from as many people as possible, we will compile ideas from people across the country and begin to build a collective vision for Canada’s Green New Deal that we can use to further the conversation, as well as demand ambition from all parties and political hopefuls in the 2019 election and concrete political action onward.

The tentative details for the Brantford Town Hall are 10am on May 25 at the Brantford Public Library. Here is a link to the RSVP page:

I am sincerely hoping that members of the Brant Greens will attend and get involved. In particular, engagement of youth is important because they are the ones who will inherit the Earth, and they are the future leaders who will implement the Green New Deal.

Please consider referring anyone you think would be interested in contributing to the Green New Deal to me by forwarding this email.


Laura Geiger


About Bob Jonkman

Bob Jonkman is the Green Party of Canada candidate for Brantford-Brant. Follow @BobJonkmanGPC on Twitter.
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