Thank you, Kitchener–Conestoga!

The election is over, the ballots have been counted, and there are new MPPs everywhere.

I’d like to congratulate Mike Harris Jr. on his election win to become the MPP for Kitchener–Conestoga. I’d also like to thank my co-candidates: Kelly Dick (NDP), Joe Gowing (Liberal), Daniel Benoy (Libertarian), and Dan Holt (Consensus Ontario) for providing alternative choices to Kitchener–Conestoga voters.

People standing in front of the WRGreens Campaign Office

At the Campaign Office

I definitely want to thank all the Waterloo Region Greens who provided support, staffed the office, gave advice, and made it much easier to run a political campaign.

A very young man holds an electric screwgun to put up Bob Jonkman's sign

I Love Our Volunteers!

A special shout out to our volunteers who put up signs in all corners of Kitchener–Conestoga!

Of course, a big thank you goes to Laurel Russwurm, my wife and campaign manager, and my son Willem for putting up with all the frenzied activity of a campaign.

Bob Jonkman and other participants sitting in a discussion circle

Meeting the Candidates

And finally, I want to thank you, the citizens of Kitchener–Conestoga, for attending the All Candidates Meetings, asking questions, and participating in your democracy.


Bob Jonkman (he/him/his)

About Bob Jonkman (he/him/his)

Bob Jonkman is a former Green Party of Canada candidate. He ran in Brantford-Brant for the 2019 federal election, and in Kitchener-Conestoga for the 2018 provincial and 2015 federal elections. Follow in the #Fediverse (Mastodon, Pleroma, Friendica, PeerTube, &c).
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