7 Minutes on Proportional Representation

Fair Vote Canada Waterloo Region Chapter logoOn Saturday, 3 October 2015 the Fair Vote Canada Waterloo Region Chapter held an all-candidates meeting on Electoral Reform at Forest Heights Library. Here’s a 7 minute excerpt from that meeting in which I explain why Canada should adopt Proportional representation!

YouTube: Bob Jonkman On Proportional Representation

Fair Vote Canada has assembled a list of Candidates that support Proportional Representation.

At 17 October 2015 the Canadian parties whose policy does not support Proportional Representation include
  • Conservative Party of Canada
  • Liberal Party of Canada


The three parties actively campaigning on implementing Proportional Representation are:
  • The Green Party of Canada
  • The NDP (New Democratic Party of Canada)
  • The Pirate Party of Canada

As a matter of course, most (if not all) smaller parties support Proportional Representation because it would give them a better chance of achieving representation in Parliament.

Disclaimer: I’m also one of the Co-Chairs on the Executive Board of the Fair Vote Canada Waterloo Region Chapter.


Bob Jonkman (he/him/his)

About Bob Jonkman (he/him/his)

Bob Jonkman is a former Green Party of Canada candidate. He ran in Brantford-Brant for the 2019 federal election, and in Kitchener-Conestoga for the 2018 provincial and 2015 federal elections. Follow @BobJonkmanGPC@bobjonkman.ca in the #Fediverse (Mastodon, Pleroma, Friendica, PeerTube, &c).
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