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A Green Town Hall — Guelph, 8 October 2015

Guelph Town Hall Title_0873

Guelph Town Hall held 8 October 2015 with Elizabeth May (Saanich—Gulf Islands) and Gord Miller (Guelph)

Mike introduces_0078

Mike Schreiner introduces Elizabeth May and Gord Miller

packed house-0103

It’s a packed house!

Foxboro Green Debate is Online!

The Foxboro Green Debate is on Bob Jonkman’s YouTube channel:

Debaters at Foxboro Green

Debaters at Foxboro Green

Talking to residents after the debate

Talking to residents after the debate

Elizabeth May & Gord Miller Town Hall October 8th!

Guelph Town Hall with Elizabeth May and Gord Miller!!!

Thursday, October 08, 2015 ~ 7:30pm
at the Cutten Club 190 College Ave East, Guelph ON
Event Description

5:00 pm- Canvass with Gord (this is so much fun in Guelph!)

7:30 pm:

Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada and candidate (Saanich-Gulf Islands), and Gord Miller, Green Party candidate (Guelph), host a town hall in Guelph this evening. Please join *Bob Jonkman and I for this fabulous evening.  You’ll be able to ask Elizabeth and Gord your questions!

Learn more about the Green Party of Canada and why Gord is the best choice for Member of Parliament for Guelph.


Gord Miller

Elizabeth May

Elizabeth May

Rogers Local Campaign Kitchener-Conestoga All Candidate Debate

Let the Debate Begin!

Before the gloves come off: (left to right) Art Sinclair (Chamber of Commerce), Tim Louis (Liberal Candidate), Bob Jonkman (Green Party Candidate), Eric Drozd (host), James Villeneuve (NDP Candidate), Rich Hodgson (Libertarian Candidate) & Harold Albrecht (Conservative Candidate)


Comparing Lottery results


Preparing to Debate


Ready to Roll

YouTube: Kitchener-Conestoga – Canadian Federal Election 2015 – The Local Campaign, Rogers TV

debaters on set

A good debate, but difficult to provide comprehensive answers when you’re limited to 60 seconds.

Must Watch: Rogers Cable Debate Today!

Bob Jonkman after the Foxboro Green Debate

Election time is debate season for candidates.  Bob (pictured above at the Foxboro Centre Debate) has done well in every debate .   Tonight you can watch the debate live on Rogers Cable!

Watch it LIVE on Rogers ~ October 5th, 2015 at 7:00pm.

Find out more about Rogers Election Debate coverage here.

This should be pretty interesting as issues like the TPP heat up the campaign.

National Security meets the TPP

The TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) is bad for Canada because... there is no national security without food security.

Canadian Farmers are right. No trade agreement like the TPP should be entered into without proper consultation with stakeholders.

Advance Poll Locations in Kitchener–Conestoga

What’s next weekend? Yes, it’s Thanksgiving, but it’s also Advance Polling Days from Friday, 9 October to Monday, 12 October 2015!

The (un)Fair Elections Act has introduced more stringent requirements for ID at the polling stations. I expect that on election day (Monday, 19 October 2015!) it will take longer to process voter registrations. You can avoid the lineups by voting in the Advance Polls.

Make sure you have the ID required to vote: One piece of government ID with your picture, name and address; or two pieces of ID with your name, and at least one with an address; or show two pieces of ID with your name, take an oath, and have someone already registered attest to your identity.

Remember that thanks to the (un)Fair Elections Act your voter registration card is no longer accepted as ID, and you can no longer have a friend or family member vouch for your identity. The list of acceptable ID is on the Elections Canada site at ID to vote.

Advance Polling Locations

If you’re not sure where your polling station is, check the Elections Canada site Voter Information Service – Where do I vote?

Advance Poll Number 600 Map

Slovenian Cultural Association Sava Club
50 Schiefele Place
Breslau, Ontario
N0B 1M0

Advance Poll Number 601 Map

Bloomingdale Recreation Club
1031 Snyders Flats Road
Bloomingdale, Ontario
N0B 1K0

Advance Poll Number 602 Map

Gale Presbyterian Church
10 Barnswallow Drive
Elmira, Ontario
N3B 0A8

Advance Poll Number 603 Map

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 469
11 First Street East
Elmira, Ontario
N3B 2E3

Advance Poll Number 604 Map

Calvary United Church
48 Hawkesville Road
St. Jacobs, Ontario
N0B 2N0

Advance Poll Number 605 Map

St. Clements Community Centre
1 Green Street
St. Clements, Ontario
N0B 2M0

Advance Poll Number 606 Map

Wellesley Community Centre
1000 Mapleleaf Street
Wellesley, Ontario
N0B 2T0

Advance Poll Number 607 Map

Wilmot Recreation Centre
1291 Nafziger Road
Baden, Ontario
N3A 1A1

Advance Poll Number 608 Map

New Hamburg Arena & Community Centre
251 Jacob Street
New Hamburg, Ontario
N3A 1C6

Advance Poll Number 609 Map

Stonecroft Recreation Centre
156 Stonecroft Way
New Hamburg, Ontario
N3A 4R3

Advance Poll Number 610 Map

St. Agatha Community Centre
205 Erb’s Road East
St. Agatha, Ontario
N0B 2L0

Advance Poll Number 611 Map

Resurrection Catholic Secondary School
455 University Avenue West
Kitchener, Ontario
N2N 3B9

Advance Poll Number 612 Map

Forest Heights Community Centre
1700 Queen’s Boulevard
Kitchener, Ontario
N2N 3L6

Advance Poll Number 613 Map

Highview Community Church
295 Highview Drive
Kitchener, Ontario
N2N 2K7

Advance Poll Number 614 Map

St. John the Baptist Romanian Cultural Centre
2150 Bleams Road
Kitchener, Ontario
N2E 4K5

Advance Poll Number 615 Map

Chartwell Westmount Retirement Home
190 David Bergey Drive
Kitchener, Ontario
N2E 3Y4

Advance Poll Number 616 Map

St. John the Baptist Romanian Cultural Centre
2150 Bleams Road
Kitchener, Ontario
N2E 4K5

This list is provided only as a service; for up-to-date Advanced Polling Station locations check the Elections Canada site Voter Information Service – Where do I vote?

Chamber of Commerce All-Candidate Debate in Elmira

Harold Albrecht, Bob Jonkman, Jamees uve

Bob: Chamber of Commerce Debate

Bob speaks at the Chamber of Commerec Debate.

You’ll find more photos in Laurel’s Flickr album.

The entire debate is on video at Kitchener-Conestoga Federal Candidate Forum on YouTube.

(All photos are CC BY)

Unequal Wealth Distribution

One of several questions from Jesse Bauman, editor of The Community Edition:

Wealth is very unequally distributed in Canada. According to Statistics Canada, the average net worth of the top 20 per cent of families (sorted by income group) rose by an average of 80 per cent between 1999 and 2012. The bottom 20 per cent experienced a 38 per cent increase. Do you think this is a problem? And if so, what would you do about it?

Wealth distribution and income inequality are both problems in Canada, especially for those who have neither sufficient wealth nor income. The Green Party will implement a Guaranteed Livable Income so that every Canadian has the means to survive without requiring welfare or food banks. A person with food security is healthier and more productive, so that there is a reduced burden on health care services and other support services. At the other end of the spectrum there are people with large incomes who pay disproportionally low taxes. The Green Party would remove many of the boutique tax credits and close tax loopholes so that high income earners pay a fair share of tax. Between the reduced costs of social services and the increased tax revenues the GLI is an affordable way to reduce income inequality for all Canadians.

I’m looking forward to seeing the responses from all the candidates in
The Community Edition.

I vote CBC!

CBC Logo

CBC Logo

I’ve received several letters from constituents who want funding restored to the CBC:

Bob Jonkman
Green Party

Like most Canadians, I value public broadcasting. Yet the current government has systematically attacked the CBC. After promising not to do so, the government cut CBC funding, stacked the CBC Board with Conservative Party donors, and grabbed new powers to undermine its independence. CBC has announced major cuts and more are expected.

If you are elected, will you champion a strong CBC and work to undo the damage done to CBC’s funding and independence from government interference? This is a voting issue for me. Please get back to me before October 19th.

Yours sincerely…

Thank you for your concern about CBC funding.

I’m a big fan of the CBC, and I believe that a strong, independent national broadcaster is an important part of our cultural makeup.

Happily, the Green Party agrees, and has promised to restore funding to the CBC, as well as reverse other decisions that have adversely affected the CBC’s ability to serve as an independent voice for Canadians. You can view the full statement in the Vision Green document Arts and culture: Beauty and integrity.

Thank you for your letter, and thank you for supporting the CBC!


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