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Here’s Why

Here’s a very short (and shareable!) video to explain why I chose Green.

Watch on YouTube: Why Green?

How to Vote

Presenting Identification

When you arrive at the poll location, present your Voter Information Card to make it easy for the Elections Canada staff to direct you to the correct polling station.

Go to your assigned poll and get the Ballot

Go to your assigned poll, present your identification and the Elections Canada staff will cross your name off the list and give you the ballot.

Because Canada uses a secret ballot, the next step is to step behind the privacy screen...

Because Canada uses a secret ballot, the next step is to step behind the privacy screen…

... where the voter marks their choice on the ballot.

… where the voter marks their choice on the ballot.

Because this is a secret ballot, the voter deposits the marked Ballot into the Ballot Box

The voter deposits the marked secret Ballot…

...into the Ballot Box!    And you're done!

…into the Ballot Box . . . and you’re done!

Bob Jonkman smiling behind voting screen

The feeling you get when you vote for what you want.

A Green Town Hall — Guelph, 8 October 2015

Guelph Town Hall Title_0873

Guelph Town Hall held 8 October 2015 with Elizabeth May (Saanich—Gulf Islands) and Gord Miller (Guelph)

Mike introduces_0078

Mike Schreiner introduces Elizabeth May and Gord Miller

packed house-0103

It’s a packed house!

Foxboro Green Debate is Online!

The Foxboro Green Debate is on Bob Jonkman’s YouTube channel:

Debaters at Foxboro Green

Debaters at Foxboro Green

Talking to residents after the debate

Talking to residents after the debate

Elizabeth May & Gord Miller Town Hall October 8th!

Guelph Town Hall with Elizabeth May and Gord Miller!!!

Thursday, October 08, 2015 ~ 7:30pm
at the Cutten Club 190 College Ave East, Guelph ON
Event Description

5:00 pm- Canvass with Gord (this is so much fun in Guelph!)

7:30 pm:

Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada and candidate (Saanich-Gulf Islands), and Gord Miller, Green Party candidate (Guelph), host a town hall in Guelph this evening. Please join *Bob Jonkman and I for this fabulous evening.  You’ll be able to ask Elizabeth and Gord your questions!

Learn more about the Green Party of Canada and why Gord is the best choice for Member of Parliament for Guelph.


Gord Miller

Elizabeth May

Elizabeth May

Rogers Local Campaign Kitchener-Conestoga All Candidate Debate

Let the Debate Begin!

Before the gloves come off: (left to right) Art Sinclair (Chamber of Commerce), Tim Louis (Liberal Candidate), Bob Jonkman (Green Party Candidate), Eric Drozd (host), James Villeneuve (NDP Candidate), Rich Hodgson (Libertarian Candidate) & Harold Albrecht (Conservative Candidate)


Comparing Lottery results


Preparing to Debate


Ready to Roll

YouTube: Kitchener-Conestoga – Canadian Federal Election 2015 – The Local Campaign, Rogers TV

debaters on set

A good debate, but difficult to provide comprehensive answers when you’re limited to 60 seconds.

Must Watch: Rogers Cable Debate Today!

Bob Jonkman after the Foxboro Green Debate

Election time is debate season for candidates.  Bob (pictured above at the Foxboro Centre Debate) has done well in every debate .   Tonight you can watch the debate live on Rogers Cable!

Watch it LIVE on Rogers ~ October 5th, 2015 at 7:00pm.

Find out more about Rogers Election Debate coverage here.

This should be pretty interesting as issues like the TPP heat up the campaign.

National Security meets the TPP

The TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) is bad for Canada because... there is no national security without food security.

Canadian Farmers are right. No trade agreement like the TPP should be entered into without proper consultation with stakeholders.

Chamber of Commerce All-Candidate Debate in Elmira

Harold Albrecht, Bob Jonkman, Jamees uve

Bob: Chamber of Commerce Debate

Bob speaks at the Chamber of Commerec Debate.

You’ll find more photos in Laurel’s Flickr album.

The entire debate is on video at Kitchener-Conestoga Federal Candidate Forum on YouTube.

(All photos are CC BY)

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